Volkswagen offers 72-month 0% Financing, No Payments for 6 months, and Remote Purchase during COVID-19 events.

March 20th, 2020 by

We wanted share the news we know is going to be impacting a lot of people’s decisions today. Volkswagen has officially updated their programs for new and certified pre-owned vehicles in response to COVID-19 and the impact it has had on so many jobs as workplace restrictions have been put in place. Here at our store in Mt. Pleasant we are seeing firsthand the effects of the advisories and executive orders on our friends and families. Charleston is a city that thrives on the tourism, food and beverage, and hospitality industries, and we know that many here have lost hours and wages, even jobs. But companies are also hiring to meet the demands of families who are now working and studying from home as well. Our displaced workers will find new opportunities, and the plans and events of this strange Spring will prove to be not cancelled but postponed.

In the meantime, we have to continue to get down the road. The goal of all these measures is to slow down the transmission of this virus so that our doctors and hospitals can adequately treat it and are not overwhelmed with patients. The same is true for business in the U.S., offsite work and remote operations have been adopted by many companies so that operations can continue as best they can in these circumstances. You could liken it to the new adaptive cruise control technology in our new vehicles; it’s is better to read the traffic ahead and slow down in anticipation of a bottleneck, rather than slamming on the brakes. That way you can resume normal operation when the roadblock is past, and you’re less likely to be in a wreck that totally interrupts your journey.

To help our customers continue to get down the road, while understanding that everyone is stuck in this slowdown together, Volkswagen is offering 72-month 0% interest financing on all our new vehicles. This will save our customers thousands of dollars and provide a great incentive for those who might otherwise have held off on making a vehicle purchase. But we want to ensure those customers are able to smoothly get back up to full speed as this economic jam frees up, so payments for these new vehicle purchases will be deferred 6 months. Yes, 180 days of no payments with no interest on your new vehicle financing. The opportunity to purchase your new VW with all of its safety, convenience, and included warranty and maintenance, with no added monthly expense for the next six months and no interest financing.

At Low Country Volkswagen these programs are being offered in addition to our other great deals. You can still purchase a new 2019 at model-year-clearance pricing and take advantage of these savings, and you can still qualify for other incentives like Military and First Responder, College Grad, the VW Partner Program and special lease offers.

We also want you to know we are committed to being of service to you without adding any undue risk. We are operating as a no-touch facility, and regularly sanitizing all surfaces, but we are also offering remote purchasing. Our SmartShop tool at lets you select your financing or lease term, add your trade-in vehicle, apply for financing and get approved all from your couch or kitchen table. We will also deliver the vehicle and any paperwork to you to avoid any unnecessary travel and interactions for you. Visit to get started browsing our inventory and select your new vehicle.

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