The Importance of Genuine Volkswagen Auto Parts: Why Quality Matters

May 22nd, 2023 by

When it comes to your vehicle’s components, it’s undeniable that quality counts. Here at our Volkswagen Auto Shop, we utilize only authentic OEM parts to ensure the highest standard of service. Read on to learn more, and if it’s time for a tune-up, contact Low Country Volkswagen today!

Genuine Volkswagen Parts and Their Importance

Using parts designed specifically for your make and model ensures a perfect fit – so you can eliminate the uncertainty that often comes with choosing aftermarket parts. Although these one-part-fits-all components may come at a lower cost upfront, their poorer quality may come with a higher price tag down the road.

Plus, OEM parts are made with top-quality materials, so you can trust their durability and performance – even as the miles add up. Aftermarket parts don’t offer the same peace of mind and may even impact your vehicle’s warranty. In fact, some warranties require the use of manufacturer parts for all Volkswagen maintenance and auto repairs.

Choosing genuine Volkswagen parts is also key in regards to safety. Since OEM parts have been rigorously tested to confirm they meet manufacturer specifications, there’s no question about their quality!

How to Tell OEM Volkswagen Parts From Aftermarket
Here are some tips for determining whether Volkswagen parts are authentic or aftermarket:

  • Conduct a side-by-side comparison to see if the parts differ in look, feel, or weight
  • If packaging is intact, compare serial or batch numbers to the old part
  • Ask the seller for the part’s original certificate of authenticity
  • If ordering Volkswagen auto parts online, be sure that it’s a reputable source
  • Check customer reviews and return policies

How Genuine Volkswagen Parts Contribute to Maintaining Optimal Performance

Volkswagen parts must meet the same criteria as the vehicles that house them. These high standards ensure top quality Volkswagen maintenance and repairs.

Impact of Using Subpar or Counterfeit Parts
Counterfeit auto parts are not held to the same standards, so there’s no guarantee of their performance or safety. Fake parts, in worst case scenarios, can put drivers at risk – especially if part failure leads to a dangerous car accident.

Common counterfeit parts include spark plugs, oil filters, brake pads, steering parts, bearings, drive belts, valves, windscreens, headlamps, and more. Many customers are lured by the lower cost, but the effect of using subpar auto parts can be disastrous – so buyer beware!

Importance of Protecting the Value of Your Volkswagen Vehicle

Proper car care pays off when it’s time to trade, with vehicles up to date on maintenance often boasting a higher value. In addition to sticking to your Volkswagen’s maintenance schedule (detailed in your owner’s manual), the following tips can help preserve your vehicle’s value:

  • Protect flooring and upholstery with mats and seat covers
  • Avoid storing your vehicle in a sunny spot where the sun’s rays can fade the paint or interior surfaces
  • Keep your vehicle covered or in the garage during the harsh winter months

And of course, use only genuine Volkswagen parts for replacements and repairs!

Have More Questions About Genuine Volkswagen Auto Parts? Call Today!

If you’d like to order Volkswagen parts of your own, we can help! Here at Low Country Volkswagen, our Parts Department is fully stocked – but if we don’t have the right part or accessory available, we’d be happy to order it for you. We even offer VW deals to help you save on service!

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