Signs That Your Transmission Needs to Be Replaced

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Your vehicle’s transmission is an incredibly important component, responsible for moving the power produced by the engine to the wheels. Its maintenance must remain top priority, and here at Low Country Volkswagen, our certified service technicians can help! We’ve provided some useful insights below, so read on to learn more.

How Long Should Your Transmission Last?

Just like other vehicle parts, there is no set time period during which your transmission maintains peak performance. In fact, your transmission’s lifespan is largely dependent on its maintenance and everyday driving habits.

By following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, detailed in your owner’s manual, you can maximize your transmission’s lifespan. On average, automatic transmissions last about 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Fluid changes and routine tune-ups are needed – and without them, you may start to experience problems around, or even before, 100,000 miles.

In regard to driving style, those who accelerate and decelerate quickly often need a transmission replacement before those who are less aggressive behind the wheel. Go easy on the gas to extend your vehicle’s transmission!

5 Signs That Your Transmission Needs To Be Replaced

These signs may indicate the need for a transmission replacement, so if you notice any of the following, schedule an appointment at our Service Center:

  1. Dashboard warning light comes on
    This often indicates that the transmission fluid is hotter than normal, and should be checked out immediately to prevent potential damage.
  2. Burning smell
    This may also signal that transmission fluid is overheated, or that it is old. If you notice any strange smells, schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.
  3. Abnormal sounds
    Humming or clanging noises should be addressed immediately, so don’t ignore them!
  4. Refusal to switch gears
    If you are having trouble changing gears, transmission fluid levels may be low. There’s also a chance you are using the wrong type of fluid.
  5. Fluid leaks
    Transmission fluid is red and smells sweet – so it’s easy to spot under your vehicle. A leak may be to blame, so make sure to get it checked out immediately!

What To Do If Your Transmission Needs To Be Replaced

If a visit to a mechanic reveals that your transmission needs to be replaced, you have a few options. Some drivers choose to just sell their old car for parts if it’s not worth the price of a transmission replacement, while others may attempt to trade it in for a low price.

Once of the most popular options, however, is to have your transmission rebuilt. Here at our Volkswagen Service Center, our team will remove the transmission before cleaning it, replacing any worn components, reassembling, and reinstalling it. You can also purchase a rebuilt transmission and have it installed in your vehicle.

Tips For Extending Your Transmission’s Lifespan

Our Volkswagen service professionals know your vehicle inside and out, so we’ve provided some helpful hints to keep it running right as long as possible! Do the following to extend your transmission’s lifespan:

  1. Stick to your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule
    In addition to other maintenance services, be sure to get your transmission fluid changed every 15,000 miles or once a year – whichever comes first!
  2. Prioritize transmission flushes
    Low fluid levels can cause serious issues, but a simple seal replacement can help prevent issues down the road.
  3. Stop completely before shifting from Reverse to Drive
    This easy-to-implement practice can help prevent unnecessary strain on your transmission.
  4. Don’t drive with your foot on the brake
    Driving with your foot on the brake requires your transmission to work harder, so be sure to avoid it. You can also reduce wear by using your emergency brake when you park on an incline.
  5. Keep your engine properly maintained
    An accurately tuned engine pairs perfectly with a transmission that runs well, so don’t skip scheduled tune-ups.

Have More Questions About Your Transmission? Call Today!

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