Premium vs. Regular: Which Type of Gas Should I Use?

June 27th, 2022 by

When purchasing a new vehicle, fuel efficiency is an important consideration for many drivers – especially today, with gas prices soaring. The difference in price between types of gas leaves many people wondering if the pricier premium option is really worth it. Others assume that premium, high octane gas is better for their engine than regular, but this isn’t always the case. 

Here at Low Country Volkswagen, our certified technicians know your vehicle inside and out. We’re here to keep your VW running right, and to ensure it’s fueled properly. Before heading to the gas station, read more about the different types of gasoline!

When to Use Regular Gas

If your vehicle has a regular gasoline engine (as opposed to a turbo or high-performance crate engine), regular gas is recommended. Regular gas with a lower octane level is also best for older vehicles.

But what if your owner’s manual “recommends” premium gas? Then you’re free to choose either one! Whether you choose a lower or higher octane fuel, modern vehicles are designed to adjust the engine’s performance. With gas prices at an all-time high, many drivers have opted to fill up with regular fuel – and that’s just fine!

What Are Octane Ratings?

An octane rating measures the gasoline’s ability to prevent pre-ignition of the mixture of air and fuel. The higher the octane rating, the harder the air-fuel mixture is to ignite. Before combustion, this mixture is compressed – but if it happens prematurely, you may notice the engine “knocking” or making other strange sounds. This can result in serious damage to your engine’s components.

Here are the different octane ratings for gasoline:

  • Regular: 87
  • Midgrade: 89-9
  • Premium: 91-94

When to Use Premium Gas

Because high-performance engines have more complicated components and higher compression ratios, they require premium gas to achieve peak performance. In fact, some vehicles need premium gas for successful combustion to occur.

Be sure to use premium gasoline if your owner’s manual says that it is required or if you have a turbocharged engine. Because higher octane fuels are burned more slowly, you’ll enjoy better gas mileage than you would with regular gas – and top-tier performance!

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