How to Save Time while Buying a Car

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How to Save Time While Buying a Car

How to Save Time while Buying a Car

We love when people visit our Low Country dealerships. We provide clean, comfortable and low pressure atmospheres with a team of professionals who are here to answer your questions. We recognize however, that some people just don’t have time to go out and shop for a car. They are looking for innovative and convenient ways to save time while buying a car. They are in search of an easier, faster way to get through the complete car buying process.

Our new “What’s My Payment” feature allows you to do just that!

From evaluating the trade-in value of your car to securing a test drive and financing, you can get it all done from any internet connected device. Here’s how you can save time while buying a car from our Low Country dealerships.

  1. Value your trade-in. Tell us the year, make and model of your vehicle and we’ll create a free report that will provide details of similar vehicles for sale in the market. You can see how many cars like yours are for sale, the popularity of your car and and estimated value range for your car. This should give you an accurate assessment of what the trade-in value of your vehicle may be.
  2. Search for cars you like in your budget. We make it easy to review our current inventory of new and used cars to find a car perfect for you and within your price range.
  3. Personalize your payments based on your credit score and down payment. Based on the amount of your down payment and your personal credit score, you’ll have the ability to see the payment options available for the car you desire. Extend payments or increase your down payment to make payments lower, or shorten the repayment period to get your car paid off sooner. You are in control!
  4. Apply for credit right online! Our online system makes it easy to apply for financing from the convenience of your home, office or even your smartphone. It takes just minutes to get approved and is a terrific way to save time while buying a car.
  5. Reserve your car for up to a 24 hour test-drive. Rather than spending more time in the dealership, you can spend more time with your potential new vehicle by signing up and reserving a test drive for up to a full day. Just sign up and drive home!
  6. Would you rather lease? You can do that online too. If you prefer to lease your new car, you can work your own lease right online as well. See all of your options and choose the ones that make the best sense for you and your budget.

If you wish, use our “Live Assist” feature to help you complete your transaction. What’s My Payment gives you more confidence in the value of your trade-in and puts you in more control of your payments. You can even shop for maintenance products and vehicle protection packages without the pressure of making a decision in a dealership.

Our What’s My Payment process makes it easier than ever to save time while buying a car in the Charleston and Low Country area. You can now buy a car in minutes rather than hours! If you or someone you know just doesn’t have time to shop for a car the traditional way, our What’s My Payment system makes it a breeze!

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