How Long Should the Tires on My Vehicle Last?

December 8th, 2022 by

Because they provide your vehicle’s only contact with the road, your tires’ condition directly impacts your car’s performance. That makes proper tire maintenance incredibly important, not only to ensure peak performance but to keep you safe on the road ahead.

A tire’s lifespan varies depending on these factors:

  • Manufacturer
    Most tires today are designed to last about 60,000 miles, so keep an eye on your odometer.
  • Vehicle type
    Because SUVs and trucks are heavier, their tires often wear more quickly.
  • Tire type
    Different types of tires (high-performance, all-season, winter, etc.) have varying lifespans.
  • Driving habits
    Aggressive driving often results in premature wear and tear, requiring more frequent tire replacements.
  • Location
    Just like how you drive, where you drive plays a role in tire longevity. Extreme temperatures, for instance, may cause tires to wear more quickly.
  • Maintenance schedule
    Proper tire maintenance (pressure checks, tire rotations, wheel balancing and alignments) goes a long way in extending your tires’ lifespan.
  • Tire age
    No matter their condition, it is best to replace tires that are more than six years old.

What Causes Tires to Lose Tread

Here are some common causes of excessive wear and tear:

  • Improper air pressure: Under or overinflated tires lose tread more quickly, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s tire pressure recommendation and perform pressure checks about once a month.
  • Lack of tire rotations: While routine tire rotations may seem unimportant, skipping them results in two tires wearing faster than the others.
  • Misaligned wheels: Wheel alignments correct wheel angles to make sure they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. Improper wheel alignment can be the worst culprit for premature tire wear!
  • Worn out suspension: When front end components, shocks, and struts are loose or poorly maintained, tires often wear quickly and unevenly.

5 Signs Your Tires Need To Be Replaced

These five signs indicate that a tire replacement is needed:

  • Worn-down tire tread
  • Bulges, cracks, and gouges
  • Tire warning light
  • Tire vibration (even on smooth roads)
  • Excessive wear on one side

How to Choose the Right Tires For Your Vehicle

There are several factors to consider when choosing new tires for your vehicle. Check them out below, or just consult our certified technicians here at Low Country Volkswagen! To determine the best tires to buy, ask yourself the following:

  • Driving habits
    Do you have a long commute? Do you often venture off-road?
  • Climate
    What type of weather conditions will you be driving in?
  • Driving style
    Do you prefer a smooth, quiet ride or do you enjoy feeling every curve?
  • Vehicle type
    Do you drive a sedan, high-performance car, SUV, or truck?
  • Budget
    Are you willing to spend more to ensure the very highest quality or are you looking for a more affordable alternative?

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