Best Place to Buy a Car


Shopping for a new car can be an exciting or stressful experience.  Most people understand the dread and frustration that accompanies car shopping, whether it be the hassling, heckling, long wait time, or lack of service and helpful information. Luckily for the residents of Mount Pleasant, one of our local dealerships strives to reach perfection. Low Country Volkswagen has been voted the “Best Place to Buy a Car” for the Mount Pleasant area. Located on Johnnie Dodds Blvd. in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Low Country Volkswagen is dedicated to providing all of their customers with a “peaceful car buying experience.” Although their motto may just seem to be a clever play on words and the classic Volkswagen, Low Country Volkswagen actually delivers. German automobiles are notorious for their superb engineering, however most of them are also renowned for their extraordinary price. Volkswagen has mastered the combination of affordable German engineering and Low Country Volkswagen has established a multifaceted business to suit each customer’s needs. According to Manager David Ziegler, their emphasis on outstanding customer service along with the affordability of their cars is what really sets them apart from their fellow competition. Operating from a beautiful, modern, and conveniently located dealership, the employees of Low Country Volkswagen are trained to excel in their respective departments. Highly reviewed and recommended, the sales team is knowledgeable of their product and truly believe in the quality of their cars. The dedication to the needs of their customers along with their top-notch German manufactured inventory gives the sales team the necessary tools to succeed. Low Country Volkswagen also offers a highly trained and capable service department to ensure that each car is properly serviced. Trained in the Volkswagen factory, the service technicians of Low Country Volkswagen are highly knowledgeable and strive to ensure that maintenance and repairs are smooth processes for each client. Low Country Volkswagen has also advanced into the twenty-first century with their helpful and creative website. Customers can shop from home in their pajamas, look at current specials, available models, and even read their blog which updates everyone on what is going on in the world of vehicles as well as interesting and entertaining blogs. With such efficient and individualized services, it is no wonder that Low Country Volkswagen was voted best in their category. Although they have already been voted Best Place to Buy a Car in Mount Pleasant, Low Country Volkswagen has no plans to stop striving towards perfection. They understand the stress and overwhelming sensation of car shopping and have dedicated themselves to making the process easy and enjoyable for all customers. Manager David Ziegler promises that he will not stop until there is a Volkswagen in every driveway of every house in Mount Pleasant. If you are in the market for a new car, be sure to stop by Low Country Volkswagen and remember to “live life low- it’s a Low Country thing.”